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VigiPay makes payments easy and simple. It enables you make real-time electronic payments from anywhere in the world straight to your customers bank accounts.

With VigiPay you can create professional invoices and track your payment statuses.

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Bills resulting from data can be aggregated based on the ability to connect to expert systems, ERP systems etc. With the aggregated data, invoices are generated automatically without human intervention.


Using the e-Invoicing feature, you can professionally create and send out customized invoices to your customers. You can also configure reminders, which will be automatically sent to your customers



On the platform

Configure your payment channels and receive your money through the various channels

Self Service Kiosks

Kiosks can be deployed at various payment points for Self Service payments


With a shortcode and biller code, customers can make payments to their clients by typing a simple code

Mobile POS (mPoS)

The mobile PoS is portable and can be carried conveniently

In-branch and Internet banking

Get paid via Internet banking and bank branch (All Banks)

Online via Web

Receive payments from Visa, Verve and Mastercard branded debit cards

Direct Debit

Automated direct debit system driven by mandates


Using VigiPay, funds are settled directly into your accounts with the ability to also share recurring fees based on simple sharing formula. The VigiPay settlement module processes settlements into 1 or multiple accounts using various payment methods.


Reporting and Dashboard, Data & Analytics

Use the VigiPay Report and Dashboard Module to manage customer payments and track your growth. You can also get information on your business activities for every initiated transaction on the VigiPay platform. .